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I. Create a Wallet

Download the Metamask app and create a wallet. Do not share your phrase key with anyone.

II. Load up with ETH

Purchase Ethereum on your preferred Exchange and transfer to your Metamask wallet.

III. Connect Wallet to Uniswap

Go to, launch the app and connect your wallet (upper right corner as shown on the photo to the right).

IV. Enter Contract Address

Choose "Select a token" and enter the unique contract address of Okidoki Social, then click "Import"


V. Swap ETH for $DOKI

Enter the amount of ETH or the amount of DOKI Tokens you wild like to purchase. Adjust your slippage as needed then click on Swap. (Tip: Set slippage to 1% and change the last digit of your DOKI amount to 1 with no decimals)

Make sure you have enough ETH for gas fees for both buying and selling.

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